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Our organization is leading a profound transformation in the country. Our commitment is to stand firm in our actions, which we believe will provide results and positive changes in our nation.

To achieve this, we have a team of leaders and visionaries who every day make possible the transformation we want. Besides these leaders, support our allies are essential to ensure the continuity of our actions. Also have a very well structured volunteer program, which welcomes people of all ages, sexes, vocational and educational levels, who wish to be linked to the social impact actions we take, as part of the core activities of the organization. The aims and objectives of Merciful Orphanage Home are:

  • To offer orphaned, abandoned, deaf and destitute children shelter and a permanent home, regardless of their race or creed, solely according to their need.

  • To provide education up to Senior Secondary School and sponsorship for University and vocational training for orphans and the disadvantaged.

  • To provide Special Education for Deaf orphans and children.

  • To prepare our children to be self reliant, independent, thinking individuals becoming positive, active, and contributing members of the community.

  • To provide good nutrition, health and medical care in a clean hygienic environment in which the children can live and grow.

  • To teach honour and respect of oneself, other people and God.

  • To give training to widows and to support them and their children whilst undergoing training or starting an industry.

  • To teach all children to be a new generation of proud Africans.  


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Merciful Orphanage Home Orphanage Road,Oghareki, Oghara, Delta State, Nigeria. Tel:+2347033627292, +233243534808,+2348187131277